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MFT Technical Articles

Click on the appropriate link to bring up an article from this library of PDF and web documents.

Date Article Title Abstract/Comments
03-12-2008 Performance Tests with mySQL Mtron Mobi drives tested with mySQL by mySQL software engineer Matt Yonkovit. Testing includes both the bare drive and use with MFT. Mr. Yonkovit's original of this link is here. His blog which describes the process as it occurred is here.
12-01-2007 Mtron SSD Performance Tests Mtron 3025-25 and 7025-25 Flash Solid State Disks were tested to measure random IO performance for read and write operations at varying block sizes. Single drive, 4- drive RAID-5, and 8-drive RAID-5 configurations were tested. The configurations were tested both with bare drives and with EasyCo’s Managed Flash Technology driver in place.
09-05-2007 Flash SSD RAID Preferences Author concludes that because of high random read speed of Flash, RAID-5 is no less performance-efficient than RAID-10, and is generally the preferred RAID solution for all Flash SSD arrays due to significant cost saving.
08-16-2007 Flash SSD Performance

Reviews general performance of flash and discusses common performance issues and relationships.