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MFT Speeds Up Laptops and
Makes Flash SSDs More Reliable

Many power users of ordinary Flash SSDs find that when their desktop indexes are rebuilt, they often loose the use of their machine for an hour or more due to very slow random writing. MFT random writes 200 times faster than most SSDs, and 50 times faster than 7200 rpm hard disks. Similarly, MFT often makes flash drives last two orders of magnitude longer. Given that many MLC Flash SSDs do not have sufficient life for power users, this also is extremely important (see wear life).

If you are a power user, and you want to use the dramatically less expensive MLC (multi-level cell) Flash SSD technology, you need MFT software. The typical 25 writes per second of these devices just cannot be coped with otherwise. When you use MFT enabled Flash SSDs, your disk subsystem stops getting in the way of what you want to do. People used to seeing a solid red light for an hour or two instead see a one to two second blip every couple of minutes.

The same thing is true for most of the more expensive SLC (single-level cell) Flash drives. The only exceptions are Mtron and Memoright which both natively deliver random write speeds in excess of a 7200 rpm Hard Disk. (That said, both are more than a magnitude slower in their random writes than MFT.)