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Assuringing Drive Life

The most important safeguard, both from your perspective and that of the Flash SSD manufacturer is that MFT also can prevent run-away drive-killing processes.

The lowest grade MLC flash-memory only lasts about 5,000 erase cycles. A 32gb drive made with this grade of Flash can be killed in about 40 days. With MFT, this drive can be totally over-written with random data in about 14 minutes. The problem, then, is just to assure that the drive writes much more slowly after that initial burst of write activity.

Since only either abusive use or a run-away process can kill the MLC drive when used with MFT, we put in a counter, and using information from the MLC manufacturer, tune this so that when the drive reaches its daily or life-expectation, the write speed throttles back to a 15k rpm random write rate. While typically ten times faster than the normal write rate of the MLC drive, this slows the drive typically 20-fold, and gives time for the run-away conditions to become apparent.