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MFT Price lists

MFT is offered in three versions: a low cost version for Laptops and Workstations, a single thread version for smaller servers, and various Enterprise versions suitable for different types of large or ultra-high-performance servers.

Windows Edition for XP and Vista
Part Number    Item Description Price UOM
MFT-SD16 MFT edition for Windows workstations and laptops up to 16gb $40 each
MFT-SD32 MFT edition for Windows workstations and laptops up to 32gb $60 each
MFT-SD64 MFT edition for Windows workstations and laptops up to 64gb $80 each
MFT-SD128 MFT edition for Windows workstations and laptops up to 128gb $110 each
MFT-SD256 MFT edition for Windows workstations and laptops up to 256gb $180 each

MFT for workstations and laptops is value-priced and designed for the comparitively limited performance needs of the single user. As with all MFT variants, this product dramatically speeds up the random writing process of Flash SSDs, generally by more than 100-fold. This is extremely useful when the user is running write-intensive applications. Similarly, MFT extends the useful life of flash drives typically by well in excess of 100-fold by fixing the erase problem inherent to virtually all Flash SSDs.

Single-Thread Windows Server and Linux Server Edition
Part Number    Item Description Price UOM
MFT-SSD MFT 128GB single-drive-performance edition for Linux and Windows servers $250 each
MFT-SSD256 MFT 256GB single-drive-performance edition for Linux and Windows servers $600 each
MFT-SSD512 MFT 512GB single-drive-performance edition for Linux and Windows servers $1,400 each

Single-Drive-Performance MFT software for Linux and Windows Servers is a low cost way to speed up web and other simple servers. This version throttles random-read performance to that of a single drive at a time. Single flash drives typically have a peak random read rate of 2,500 to 13,000 IOs per second depending upon brand and construction. This is typically 25 to 125 times faster than a standard disk drive, and ten to fifty times faster than the fastest disks made. Random write speeds in this version are unrestricted and can be up to 90% of the composite linear write speed of the drive set, which can be tens of thousands of IOs per second. This version of MFT works with multiple drives and software and hardware RAID arrays. People using Single-Thread MFT with large sized inexpensive MLC flash drives have found that it often allows them to increase the number of customers on a server by a factor of up to four, or that it results in a four- to ten-fold improvement in general performance.

Full Function MFT Server Editions for Windows and Linux
Part Number    Item Description Price UOM
MFT-MLC MFT MLC Server edition for multiple and RAIDed MLC drives and CF Cards - Windows or Linux $125 32gb
MFT-ENT MFT Enterprise Server Edition for SLC flash memory - Windows or Linux $250


MFT-HDD MFT Hard Disk Drive Server Edition - only available when used with other MFT product - Windows or Linux. See notes below $25


Full-function MFT when used with multiple multiple drives has been clocked at speeds of up to 138,000 read IOs per second: more than 1,300 times faster than a single standard disk drive. It has also been clocked at well over 60,000 random write IOs. The MLC, Enterprise and hard disk server versions of MFT are sold in a pricing modulus of 32GB of net addressable space. Addressable space excludes both parity drives in a striped RAID environment and mirror drives in a Mirrored Raid Environment. It also excludes "dedicated" free space which you choose to set aside as unaddressable, but does include practically free space which also accelerates performance but is addressable.

The "MLC" Server Edition is intended for use with high performance or large scale MLC drives. The best performing MLC drives deliver performance 20 times higher than a 15,000 rpm SAS hard disk drive. The MLC variant is "tuned" to the erase cycle limitations of Multi-Level Cell flash (MLC) media (which is much less expensive than SLC flash media). This permits approximately two to four full overwrites of the Flash drive daily with live data. The MLC server edition is ideal for large mail servers as well as most general purpose servers.

The Enterprise Server Edition is intended for full duty SLC drives that have a 10x to 20x longer erase life than MLC media. SLC drives also typically have faster random read and linear write times than MLC drives, and will typically outperform 15,000 rpm SAS hard disks by a factor of at least 30. The Enterprise version can be used anyplace, but is most valuable in heavy duty environments as it will permit 30 to 40 daily overwrites of media with a projected life of 5 years.

The Hard Disk Drive Server Edition of MFT can be used in environments such as RAM-resident data where the chief limiting factor is the speed of random writes. It also can be used in independent low cost backup systems where the customer has parallel Flash and Hard Disk storage subsystems.