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Managed Flash Technology (MFT)
Flash SSD Acceleration Software

Patent pending Managed Flash Technology (MFT) is being renamed to Flash SuperCharger. Flash Supercharger is software that linearizes random writes. This properly fixes the native random write problem of Flash media. Flash SuperCharger speeds up the random write speed of flash media as much as 1,000 fold, increasing it to the linear write speed of the drive. More importantly, it fixes the erase life problem of flash media, typically increasing the useful life of such drives 100-fold. No other Flash Solution solves both problems.

USB SuperCharger

USB SuperCharger dramatically speeds up and extends the life of any USB Flash Drive. SuperCharger typically reduces the amount of time needed to copy 100 megabytes of typical 150kb workstation files from 90 seconds to 30 seconds. Similarly, it writes 4kb data as much as 1,000 times faster, making USB Flash Drives viable for portable applications, databases, and virtual operating systems. Best of all, USB SuperCharger can save you dramatic amounts of time at a very low cost. It's even FREE for USB Sticks 1GB and smaller.

Our SSD SuperCharger speeds up the random writes of standard Solid State Disks to as much as 28,000 4kb write IOPS per drive. And it can produce such speeds even on low cost MLC (Multi Level Cell) flash media. More importantly, it solves the random write problem the right way. Most high speed hardware solutions solve the speed problem by providing a large quantity of write channels. As a result, media is updated quickly, but has a major erase efficiency problem. SSD SuperCharger increases effective drive write life by 10 to 100 fold when compared with hardware designs. This makes low cost MLC media viable where SLC would have been required, and makes SLC media more viable in the highest duty cycle environments.