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CF PCI Solution

Addonics 4CF PCI Card

This PCI solution delivers you the lowest cost Flash SSD capacity, with drop in comvenience.

We have tested this in our own data center using an IMAP/SMTP mail server with about 11gb a day of incoming mail, and a total mail database of approximately 52gb in a 64gb flash space. At a free space level of approximately 22% free space, we are getting average wear efficiency on the mail server of about 35 percent, and the application has a projected wear life of 22 years.

The installation in this case consists of 2 cards each with a pair of 32gb flash cards on them, mirrored. Performance has been superb. The device, which replaced mirrored 7200 rpm drives, delivers about 2200 8kb reads per card node, or about 8,800 random reads all together. The write rate is spread over 2 cards, and amounts to about 5,000 8kb random writes a second. More detailed performance results, per chip, are shown at the bottom of this page.

You can buy this card pre-assembled with appropriate card counts and MFT bundled in from the distributors listed below. Or if you want, you can shop the components yourself on the internet. The core of this unit is the Addonics AD4CFPRJ 4 CF card holder, shown above, which you can buy from Addonics, or elsewhere. We add to that 2 to 4 Pieces of Ridata 233x 16gb or 32gb CF Cards. The 16gb part number is CFR16G-233X-LIG2. The 32gb part number is CFR32G-233X-LIG2. Click either link to Google-search the best price. Both components are made with 10,000 erase cycle MLC Flash Memory.

Important Note: this controller holds 4 CF cards but operates master/slave. Thus, performance is halved if more than two drives are used, or if the two CF Card "drives" installed are in the same master/slave circuit. This solution is fine in a Linux environment. Because the PCI card is very "dumb" many Windows systems may be unable to use it except in a mirrored or RAID-10 environment.

PCI Solution Performance Graph
Performance Results for EasyCo PCI Card With 2 Pieces Ridata Lightning 233x 32gb CF
Random Read Tests: Random Write Tests Random Write with MFT
1 Thread 1 Thread 1 Thread
4k 3,215 12.5M 3.3 13.2K 3,925 15.3M
8k 2,116


3.3 26.4K 2,249 17.6M
16k 1,267 19.8M 3.3 56.8K 1,175 18.4M
32k 721 22.5M 3.3 113.6K 587 18.4M
64k 401 25.1M 3.3 227.2K 223 13.9M
256k 179 44.2M 3.3 908.8K 57 14.1M
1mb 46 46.2M 3.3 3.7M 14 13.8M
Aggregate IOPS without MFT 11 Higher is better. A single 15,000 rpm SAS drive has a value of 250, and a 7,200 rpm SATA drive rates at 70. Click here for explanation of calculation methodology.
Aggregate IOPS with MFT 1,727
MFT Overall Performance Multiplier 157
EasyCo Single CF Card 32gb MLC SATA Drive Random Writes Permissible for 5-Year Drive Life
  7,200 rpm
15,000 rpm
Maximum write throughput per day without MFT 19GB 69GB 1GB
Maximum write throughput per day with MFT n/a n/a 52GB
Hours per day needed to finish read/write activity 24.00 24.00 0.78
Drive Utilization Percentage 100% 100% 3%
Thruput per day is based upon an average data size of 10.66kb and a read/write mix of 70% reads and 30% writes. The values shown for the 7,200 and 15,000 rpm Hard Disks are the maximum possible attainable values if these drives are run at 100% duty cycle 7x24. Values for the flash media are calculated as described here. Here, the limit to throughput is not time, but rather the number of safely available write cycles based upon a goal-life of at least five years.
Distributors Offering this Product Bundled with MFT
Easy Computing Company
Pennsylvania, USA